English (GCSE)

English (GCSE)

Name of Course
GCSE English

AQA GCSE 8700/1 (Paper One)
AQA GCSE 8700/2 (Paper Two)

Outline of Course
We prepare our students for their GCSE English Language qualification. This GCSE is 100% exam based, with 50% of Section A having a reading focus and 50% of Section B a written task. In paper one, the written task requires ONE written (fictional) response, which encourages good quality spelling, punctuation and grammar – combined with creativity; however, in paper 2 the written element is aimed towards ‘Writing to present a Viewpoint’, using non-fictional material. Both papers last for one hour and 45 minutes. (Overall mark: 160).

How it’s taught
Extracts are taken from 19th – 21st Century Literary and fiction texts, for paper one; however, in paper 2, texts are from a range of non-fiction. Both papers require skills such as: comprehension, creative writing, formal writing and small group work to enable discussion.
(SPAG) – spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises will be re-visited as well as Speaking and Listening tasks.

Topic Areas
• Explorations in creative reading and writing
• Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives
• Non-exam assessment (Speaking and Listening task)

Students will be given the opportunity to do homework; however, students can work through past papers, comprehension booklets and general revision skills.