English (GCSE)

English (GCSE)

Name of Course


Outline of Course
Students will complete five Controlled Assessments. These will be based on a drama text (Romeo and Juliet); a prose text (Of Mice and Men); War Poetry; Creative writing based on ‘Moving Images’; and a piece of Personal writing. These will make up 40% of the marks and are marked by the teacher.

The remaining 60% of the marks are gained by an exam at the end of the course. This exam tests comprehension skills using non-fiction texts, and formal writing skills, such as reports or letters. This paper is marked by the Exam Board.

There is a separate assessment of three Speaking and Listening Skills. These include discussion work, role play and an individual presentation.

How it’s taught
Small group work
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Exercises
Speaking and Listening Exercises

Topic Areas
Shakespeare, Modern Prose, Poetry, Creative and Personal Writing, Comprehension, Formal Writing, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Speaking and Listening.

There will be homework on this course-background reading for Controlled Assessments, and SPaG exercises experiences for all students who want to learn to learn in a pleasant, non-judgemental / confrontational way.