Home Cooking Skills (BTEC)

Home Cooking Skills (BTEC)

Name of Course
Home Cooking Skills

BTEC Level 1 and 2

Outline of Course
It is vital that all our students feel confident using various items of kitchen equipment and have the ability to cook from first principles, especially on a tight budget!  Students will learn how:-

  • to prepare family meals from scratch
  • how to prepare food safely and hygienically
  • how to cook on a budget.

For both levels you will be given an assignment for which you have to prepare and present a family meal.

How it’s taught
Group work activities, discussions, lots of practical work.

Topic Areas
You will study a wide variety of topics such as E numbers in food, food allergies and the Eat Well Plate.  Food from other cultures and countries from around the world.  Hopefully contribute to the Kettlebrook Cook Book too!

There will not be lots of homework on this course- maybe a bit of research for assessments.