Name of Course

GCSE (Educas) .

Outline of Course
This course is made up of three parts:-

Performing –students submit group performance of at least 2 minutes and a solo of at least 1 minute (total must be more than 4 minutes). 30% of your GCSE.

Composing – students submit two compositions (your own music) which should last at least 3 minutes in total. 30% of your GCSE.

Appraising (Listening) You do a listening exam in May/June – it is worth 40% of your GCSE.

How it’s taught
Students have opportunities to learn music at breaktimes and afterschool.
• Performing – you will learn a variety of pieces on the keyboards and you may be encouraged to play drums, guitar and/or sing.
• Composing – you will write your own riffs and melodies and arrange them into compositions – you may also write lyrics if you like.
• Listening – you will listen to music and identify musical features.
• Written Tasks – to prepare for the exam.

Topic Areas
There are four areas that you study:-

• Musical Forms and Devices
• Music for Ensemble
• Film Music
• Popular Music

You are encouraged to play, compose and listen to music at home.