Step Up English (ELC)

Step Up English (ELC)

Name of Course
ELC Step up to English

AQA Entry Level 5970

Outline of Course
‘Step up to English’ helps Entry Level students build basic and relevant literacy skills; it is suitable for students of all ages. It offers two Steps: Silver Step (Entry Level 1 and 2) and Gold Step (Entry Level 3) which helps to build upon pupils’ confidence and attainment, whilst providing progressive steps towards GCSE English.

This qualification is non-examination based, which means all of the assessments will be completed by the teacher, in school. This will help to support those students who struggle with formalised assessments. As the foundation skills begin with ‘Step up’, these skills then progress to mirror the ones needed for the English Language GCSE qualification. This progression then helps to create a smooth transition to your child’s future qualifications and goals.

The specification offers two components in both steps, which assess both reading and writing. Spoken language is included in Component 1 and contributes to the overall mark.
Each component thematically links reading and writing and supports high-quality provision and engaging teaching and learning.

• Component 1 is ‘Literacy Topics’ which requires students to complete a number of tasks based around a particular theme. Pupils will need to complete two of these Components, both of which will also include an assessment of their Spoken Language (in a small group and individual presentation). In addition, they will be assessed on their ability to explain their ideas and write in formats such as letters, newspapers, emails etc.
• Component 2 is ‘Creative Reading and Writing’ which focuses more on literature and tests the pupils’ understanding of the language used in literary and literary (non-fiction) texts. Pupils will also be required to write creatively, using description and their imagination.

How it’s taught
Independent work/small group work and discussion. (SPAG) – spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises will be re-visited as well as Speaking and Listening tasks.
19th – 21st Century Literary and non-fiction texts; creative writing/persuasive writing; comprehension, formal writing and discussion tasks.

Students will be given the opportunity to do homework; however, students can work through past papers, comprehension booklets and general revision skills.