English (Functional Skills)

English (Functional Skills)

Name of Course
Functional Skills English

Edexcel Functional Skills Entry Level 1,2,3; Level 1 & 2

Outline of Course
Students will be prepared for the Functional Skills examination at their appropriate level. The Functional Skills course includes study of: Reading for Information (Presentational Features of Texts); Formal and Informal Writing (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar).

There are two exam papers (Reading and Writing): both papers are 45 minutes long; these will be taken when the students are ready. The Reading and Writing papers are externally marked by the Exam Board. Speaking and Listening is also included in this Functional Skills qualification; this is worth one third of the total marks and takes place in school, being assessed by the teacher.

How it’s taught
Small group activities
Past paper practice questions

Topic Area

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking and Listening

Students will be given the opportunity to do homework; however, students can work through Functional Skills practice booklets, which have small exercises in spelling, punctuation and grammar combined with Reading and Writing tasks.