Science KS3

Science KS3

Name of Course
KS 3 Science

National Curriculum based on KSSS’s Thematic curriculum

Outline of Course
Students arrive at Kettlebrook with many different experiences of Science. We plan to enable our students to develop their scientific practical skills and extend their knowledge and understanding across all 3 main Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will learn how to responsible scientists, working safely within a laboratory environment and use various skills to complete a number of investigations.

How it’s taught

  • Practical work
  • Discussions
  • Small Group Activities
  • Written Tasks
  • Independent Research

Topic Areas

Every half term we will have a theme that runs across all subjects.

Ecosystems within our community: food chains and food webs; biodiversity; population size. ​
The organisms within communities: adaptations. ​
Exploring local pond/ water life in and around Tamworth​.
Plant nutrition- photosynthesis, planting and growing your own plants in KSSS community.

The science behind Bonfire Night and Fireworks; combustion, the fire triangle, flame testing metal ions. How we enjoy the celebrations; how the eyes work and how we see colours.
The science behind Christmas; Santa’s Sleigh Friction investigation and Christmas Tree investigations.

Me, Myself and I:
My body and how different body systems work together. ​
My skeletal/ muscle system, circulatory system, respiratory system and digestive system. ​
Puberty including the menstrual cycle, reproduction and the stages of pregnancy.

The World Around Us:
The Earth and the Atmosphere; the Earth’s structure, types of rock, the rock cycle, fossils, crude oil.
Our environment and the problems we face; atmosphere and climate, the carbon cycle, recycling and sustainability.

Healthy Living:
Healthy lifestyles; nutritional food groups, balanced diets, food deficiencies. ​
Disease; infectious and non-infectious diseases, vaccination, antibiotics. ​
Substances: Alcohol, recreational drugs and medicinal drugs.
Exercise; how exercise affects the body, investigating pulse rate.

Where we belong within the universe: our solar system.
Gravity ​and how it changes on different plants.
Our star, the Sun, and other stars in our universe. ​
Planets in our solar system.
Mars colonisation and space exploration.

There will not be lots of homework on this course, just some completion of short tasks & Science around us at home.