English Literature

English Literature

Name of Course
English Literature


Outline of Course
Students will explore a variety of texts; one pre 19th century text, one Shakespearian text –and one modern text. Also, students will study 15 poems from an anthology.
At the end of year 11 students will take two exams: paper 1 will have one question on the Shakespeare text and one on the pre 19th century text. Paper 2 will have one question on the modern text. One on the set poetry anthology which students have studied where they will compare two poems from the collection. As well as two questions on unseen poetry one longer analytical one and a short comparison on two unseen poems selected by the exam board.

How it’s taught
Pupils will have between 2-3 lessons of literature a week where they will be taught the poems and set texts alongside each other.

Topic Areas
– Pre 19th Century text – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
– Shakespeare text – Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth
– Modern text – An Inspector Calls by JB Priestly
– Poetry anthology – Power and Conflict

Students will research the history and background behind the texts and poems as well as watching or listening to films or audio books of the set texts.