English Literature

English Literature

Name of Course
English Literature

GCSE AQA 8702 (Paper One and Paper Two)

Outline of Course
Paper 1 is Shakespeare and 19th Century novel. Paper 2 is Modern Texts and Poetry.

How it’s taught
Most students study the English Language pathway; however, we can offer English Literature as an extra GCSE.

Our students are encouraged to identify and explore different aspects of the text. Close analysis and characterisation are key elements of the course. All assessments are closed book. The paper one examination lasts for one hour and 45 minutes, with 64 marks in total (40% towards overall grade). In paper two the exam lasts for two hours and 15 minutes, with 96 marks in total (60% towards the overall GCSE grade) totalling 160 marks.

Topic Areas
• Explore an extract from a Shakespearian play and a 19th Century novel;
• A modern text (prose or drama);
• Poetry (from chosen anthology);
• Poetry (unseen poetry).

Students will be given the opportunity to do homework; however, students can work through past papers, comprehension booklets and general revision skills.