Entry Assessment

Entry Assessment and Reporting to Parents/Carers

On entry to the school, pupils are set targets relating to their prior attainment, which are then reviewed every half term. Leaders are not prepared to compromise on their high expectations of the pupils and, as a result of the review, targets may be raised but never lowered.” OFSTED October 2018

As part of our Induction process, students are assessed for staff to know at what levels they are at in each of our curriculum areas – some of these assessments are done without them knowing! Others are more formal. Staff will re-assess each student on a regular basis to track their progress and their achievements are shared with each parent/carer 5 times a year through individual meetings on Performance Review Days. All meetings have action points for staff, students and parents/carers to help us move each student forward along their chosen pathway.

As a parent/carer we want you to be involved in your child’s education – you are always welcome to visit and discuss your child with us.