Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement is:

All students to believe in themselves, realise their potential and achieve a successful social and academic future, which will sustain them throughout their lives. 

The Federation Core Values are: Trust, Honesty, Care & Respect.  With our Federation mission being: To empower learners to become successful.

The Federation’s key principles are:

1. SUCCESS for our STUDENTS – we design and adapt so that they can ACHIEVE in all that they do.  (Adapting and designing learning in its broadest sense to enable achievement.)

2. INCLUSION for EVERYONE – we LISTEN to our students, seeking to UNDERSTAND their ‘journey’ and difficulties they have to overcome so that they can ENGAGE and ASPIRE.  (Inclusion – listening, understanding and supporting our students so that they can engage with their own learning and aspirations beyond school.)

We strongly believe in and are embedded in our culture of our school on a daily basis. These values are shared with our students and modelled by our staff and visitors which our students in turn believe in.

  • We VALUE everyone as INDIVIDUALS.
  • We want to give each student different OPPORTUNITIES
  • EMPOWER them to SUCCEED and ACHIEVE the success that THEY DESERVE.
  • We TRUST people and learn how to trust people, by building good positive RELATIONSHIPS.

The ethos of our school is also based on:

• Trust and support each other;
• Remain Honest with each other; 
• Care for each other and work closely in all partnerships;
• Respect each other, be safe and secure in our community.