Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement is:

All students to believe in themselves, realise their potential and achieve a successful social and academic future, which will sustain them throughout their lives.

We strongly believe in and are embedded in our culture of our school on a daily basis. These values are shared with our students and modelled by our staff and visitors which our students in turn believe in.

  • We VALUE everyone as INDIVIDUALS.
  • We want to give each student different OPPORTUNITIES
  • EMPOWER them to SUCCEED and ACHIEVE the success that THEY DESERVE.
  • We TRUST people and learn how to trust people, by building good positive RELATIONSHIPS.

The ethos of our school is also based on:

• Honesty, mutual respect and consideration;
• Responsibility by all for all;
• Working in close partnerships;
• Safe and secure environment and
• Firm, fair and consistent code of conduct.