As part of our Student Voice (in 2018) – students requested not to wear a uniform. We trailed it with the then students and they informed us that:

‘they felt more comfortable and more self-confident in their own clothes’.

The parents also felt ‘it is easier for our children to come to school in their own clothes – one less battle to overcome each day – my child is more sensitive to clothing so loves to be in his favourite clothes – it’s cheaper’

So since then we have adopted a non-school uniform policy. However, students do need to wear suitable appropriate clothes at all times, the vast majority of body parts need to be covered, no hats and outside coats/jackets to be worn in school; suitable footwear. Discussions on non-uniform will be made at Pre-Admissions Meetings. The Head of School has the right to discuss clothes with parents/carers and students on an individual basis if they are not deemed suitable and appropriate.

All students are required to hand in all their valuables on entry into school so that they are safe. This includes all mobile phones and drinks etc.