Macbeth Performance

Macbeth Performance

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We had the Manactco Theatre Group visit school and put on a production of Macbeth, it was a lovely injection of culture into our day. It was a modern interpretation of the play to engage the students successfully.

Following is a review of the production by one of our Year 9 students:

I found the portrayal of the characters to be very believable because of how confident the actors were, how they acted and the confidence they displayed while speaking. I found the most memorable part of the play was when Lady Macbeth was going insane. This scene was most memorable for me because of the way the actor portrayed the role, she screamed and did different hand actions which made the scene seem real and you could believe the woman was actually going mad.

The main themes of the play were power and control. These were the main themes because Macbeth and his wife wanted to be King and Queen and have power over all. Anybody who stood in their way would be killed mercilessly. I think these themes are still relevant today because although people may not always be killed to get what other people want, some people still want power over others.

I found the language easy enough to understand but even if you couldn’t understand the language, the body actions and expressions were good enough to understand what was said.

The actors in the play did something called multi role playing. This means that even though there was only three actors they each played more than one character. They also changed the accents for different characters to make each one different then the last.

The play was about an hour long and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this performance to anyone interested in Shakespeare.

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