2017 Pantomime

2017 Pantomime

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A huge congratulations to all the staff and students involved in the Wizards of Kettlebrook performance on 15th December.

It was wonderful to note that almost every student in the school helped make it a success. True Kettlebrook team-work in action. Students who weren’t acting got busy by painting scenery, helping to create the program, taking photographs or supporting friends in rehearsals.

In the wings there were many knees-a-knocking and nervous smiles but the warm reaction from the audience soon put our actors at ease.

The jokes came flying out one after the other thanks to Mr Round and Mrs Alesbrook even remembered most of her lines! Mrs Rogers got to wear her favourite gold shoes and Mrs Potter made an unforgettable horse’s bottom.

It was a pleasure to direct such an enthusiastic troupe. The boys excelled themselves by being the quickest to remember their lines and taking on multiple roles. The girls attended every rehearsal and the staff were blown away by their dedication.

Well done everybody!

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