World Book Day

World Book Day

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Thursday 7th March witnessed Kettlebrook Short Stay School celebrate World Book Day. Staff got into the spirit of books and came dressed as a character from a book of their choice- from admin staff, to cleaners- everyone was involved, and the magic of books escaped no one! We had some home-made creations, some wacky wardrobes but most importantly, there was fun and laughter. It is hard to forget in a school (especially in one as challenging as ours!) that literacy is something that can unite everyone. Not only were the staff united, but all students enjoyed taking part in Kettlebrook’s Big Book Quiz which was made even more enjoyable by the ‘Staff Shelfies’ round. Students were shown their teachers’ bookshelves from home and they had to guess which teacher would read such books and present them in that way on their bookshelf- the debates showed how much the students really know us which made the discussions even more enjoyable. Throughout the day there were many book related activities going on: teachers brought their own childhood favourites in for the pupils to reminisce about and read; they entered the official ‘Design a National Book Token’ competition; they completed Kettlebrook’s Big Book Quiz; designed and created bookmarks to use in school and even looked at the scientific reasons behind Iron Man’s suit not being made out of iron. Students enjoyed guessing who the teachers were dressed up as and we feel they learnt a lot from seeing authority figures having fun too. After all, literacy is not just about reading and writing- it’s about empowering students to understand people and the society around them. It’s about teaching students that they too can be confident in anything; that they will be accepted regardless and that they will be remembered if they dare to be different. Overall, it was another successful day for the staff and students at Kettlebrook and we look forward to many more to come!

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