KS4 London Trip

KS4 London Trip

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Kettlebrook’s trip to London- ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’

By KS4 Students

Date of trip: Thursday 28th February 2019
Upon finding out that we were going to travel to London to see the production “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” the whole class was filled with excitement, anticipation and nerves (some of us even had countdowns on our phones). In preparation for the trip to London we began reading the play script as a class. With every page we read, the eagerness built to see it performed on stage and before we knew it the day had arrived.


The whole class arrived ten minutes before the teachers, some students had been there for an hour! We attempted to board the train as a class but separation was inevitable and we ended up in different carriages. On the way to London, students participated in a number of things to pass the time from playing chess to conversing, some even taking the time to catch a few extra minutes of sleep. The train took around an hour and a half to arrive in Euston station where we exited and headed towards the tube.

To get us to empathise with the main character of the play, Christopher Boone, we were made to buy our own underground tickets just as he did. Everyone participated in this and we all managed to purchase our own tickets despite being nervous about having to do this. After a lot of hustling and bustling we somehow managed to get aboard the tube.

When we entered the tube at Euston only a few of us managed to find seats, the rest were left to hold on for dear life as the train shot down the tunnel. We travelled from Euston station to Leicester Square trying desperately to withstand the waves of people getting on and off. Somehow, after a few stops, we arrived at our location.

We grabbed a bite to eat and browsed some gift shops which we soon realised were a waste of time, money and energy. The streets were packed with people looking at the marvellous surroundings as well as street performers, some being very interesting. We tried our best to stick together however hearing people was very difficult as we were immersed in the city and the noise of big red double decker buses.

After a ten or fifteen minute walk we reached a small archway, around the corner from the theatre, and a student and one teacher travelled ahead to check our seats. As this was happening, some of the group took the opportunity to take pictures with friends or the surroundings. Once everything was sorted we headed into the Piccadilly Theatre to get ready for the show.

On the way into the theatre we had to show our bags to a security guard, not too dissimilar from the one we later saw on stage. We headed down a wide staircase and into the auditorium where we made ourselves comfortable, not before a quick toilet break. After a few conversations amongst ourselves, the play started with a bang- literally. The lights disappeared, all sound evaporated. We turned to the stage to find a dead dog…we were hooked in from there. Before we knew it, lights were on and it was the interval. During the interval of the play, we all got an ice-cream from the teachers, in true Kettlebrook form.

After the production (which everyone enjoyed thoroughly and had nothing but positive things to say about) we had to rush towards the tube, there was no time for dawdling. We rushed through the streets, which were much busier than they were when we first traversed them. The same street performers still surrounded us, however instead of singing they were now dancing. There was even a dancing Pikachu!

Once again, while on the tube, only a select few of us managed to find a seat while on the way to Euston. We boarded our train, after a quick stop for refreshments, this time managing to sit together in a carriage. The whole way back we were discussing the play and how brilliant it was.

We all were amazed by the effects they used, how they used great ingenuity to bring props onto the stage, how marvellous the actors were and how true to life the script was! We especially liked the surprise at the end but you will have to see it if you want to find out what it is.

Overall, watching the play and experiencing London in a similar way to the characters was an experience we will never forget. We enjoyed reading the book in class but truly loved watching it come alive on stage- it was an amazing learning experience. We were apprehensive, nervous and excited before we went but we are all so glad that we did. Hopefully they take us again soon.


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