Science (BTEC Level 1)

Science (BTEC Level 1)

Name of Course
Level 1 Science

BTEC Level 1 Award and Certificate in Applied Science

Outline of Course
This course is 100% coursework. Students will complete a number of written assignments to meet criteria set by the exam board. The assignments are marked by the teacher.

Some of the tasks are research based; others require students to plan and complete practical investigations.

Students need to complete their tasks individually to produce a folder of evidence.

How it’s taught

  • Practical work
  • Discussions
  • Small Group Activities
  • Written Tasks
  • Independent Research

Topic Areas

We have a choice of topic areas including;

  • Skills and Techniques for Chemistry Investigations.
  • Physics and Our Universe
  • The Study of Living Systems
  • Using Equipment to make Scientific Observations and Measurements.
  • Forensic Detection
  • Practical Scientific Project

There will not be lots of homework on this course, just some completion of short tasks.